Reply To: 6 Months with The Trainer

December 9, 2015 at 6:08 pm #1020
Mike Kim

Hey JayD —

Thanks for trusting in the trainer and joining the site —

I think it’s great that you are giving yourself plenty of time to study and I think it gives you the chance to really do things right —

You know your situation best, and some of my thoughts may not apply to you (per the work you’ve already put in, your strengths/weaknesses, etc.) — but in general, what I would suggest is that

1) you start off with the 16 week, 20 exam schedule +

2) an understanding that you have an extra cushion to address certain needs as they arise —

You can even make #2 more “real” by printing out 12 (or however many additional weeks there are until the June exam) extra blank weekly schedule sheets, and knowing that you can assign them to yourself as you see fit —

A big reason I suggest this is that different prep schedules are ideal for different types of students, and, in order to fit your schedule best to your needs, it really helps to have some flexibility — having these extra weeks and unassigned problems gives you that —

More specifically, by starting off by just assigning 16 weeks and 20 exams worth of work, you can —

a) fit in additional learning materials/study time if you feel you might need that

b) fit in extra drilling if, for example, you notice it really helping your score and you want to keep doing more of it —

c) during the practice test phase, if you find you still have some gaps in skillset / weaknesses, you can take the time to go back and fix things

d) worst comes to worst, you won’t need any of this, and you’ll be ready before test day, and you can just keep taking more pt’s to fine tune your skills —

Obviously, it’s really important to set goals and expect yourself to accomplish them, but it’s also important to give yourself the chance to get in whatever extra work you might need, and I think that starting off w/the above plan is a great way to accomplish both of those things —

I hope that helps — if you have any follow up just let me know, and I’m happy to offer more specific advice along the way if and when you need it — MK