Reply To: Where to start?..Again.

December 9, 2015 at 4:11 pm #1019

It’s really, really hard to “train” to be above 175. You can train up to that score, but above there, I think it really comes down to luck. Not every question will agree or sit well with you all the time and missing a question can really just boil down to that. Are there LSAT super masters and unicorns who always get above a 175? Sure—but for your purposes, you might relax that goal score to become a goal range … and it sounds like you’re already at target.

Furthermore, I don’t really think anyone “needs” 179-180. Even if you’re a super-splitter with a GPA well below 3.0, you still can go to at least the lower half of the T14 with a mid-170’s score. HYSCCN are likely out for anyone with a sub-3.0 but the rest of them don’t require you to get a 179/180. So I’m not super sure where that goal score came from 🙂