Essential Law School Admissions Advice

Video by Mike Spivey. Introduction by Mike Kim.

Mike Spivey is arguably the most prominent voice in the law school admissions consulting industry today. He runs the Spivey Consulting Group, and offers free admissions advice on the Spivey Consulting blog.

Mike was kind enough to put together this quick video for the Lsatters community, and in it he offers invaluable suggestions for how to truly make your law school application stand out.

One of the great things Mike does is offer a view of the process from the perspective of an admissions officer. Though GPA and LSAT are of course extremely important, Mike smartly points out that those who apply to a particular school tend to have very similar numbers, and so it’s often other key factors that play a huge role in determining who gains acceptance and who doesn’t. To get some brilliant advice about how to end up on the good list and not the bad one, please check out the video below.


Mike Spivey’s Key Points


Here is a summary of some of the key points that Mike makes in the video:

» The key to maximizing your law school prospects is to differentiate yourself from the masses—in a good way.
» An extreme LSAT score or undergrad GPA can be great ways to differentiate, but they are not the only ways to do so.
» Letters of Recommendation tend to be very similar to one another, and thus they don’t tend to be significant differentiating factors.
» The personal statement is where you can best differentiate yourself.
» In Mike’s opinion, over 90% of applicants write personal statements about the wrong topic.
» The best personal statements are ones that are unique and personalized enough to get the attention of admissions officers.
» It’s often a good idea to start your essay with an authentic, interesting, and illuminating story.
» Since most students tend to try and apply to the best schools that they can get into, your LSAT and GPA will not likely differentiate you from everyone else also applying to the same schools that you are.
» If you end up on a waitlist, figure out effective ways to differentiate, such as making a visit to the school, if possible.

I hope you’ve all found the video helpful. I know I did. Also a huge thanks to Mike for putting this together – Mike Kim

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