The Best Free LSAT Prep Tools

Written by Mike Kim.

Our goal is to make the top destination on the internet for free and useful LSAT prep info, but there are also many other free online resources that can be of great use to you as you prepare for the LSAT. In this article, we’ll take a look at the some of the best ones.

Here’s a list of the topics we will cover.

1. Free resources from LSAC
2. Free problem solutions
3. LSAT forums
4. Prep company websites
5. Other resources you ought to know about

Let’s get started.

LSAC is the company that makes the LSAT, and is where you go to sign up for the exam. Additionally, the website provides several useful and free resources for students. Here’s a list of the most useful and important links for the LSAC website. Clicking on any link will open it in a new window.

1.Create an account / Log in
2. See test dates and register
3. General information about test format
4. Free sample LSAT (The June 2007 exam)


Problem Solutions

Here are resources for free, high quality solutions to official guide problems.

1. 7Sage Logic Games solutions
2. ManhattanLSAT forums
3. LSAT Hacks

7Sage offers expert free video solutions for every Logic Game ever published. The ManhattanLSAT forums offer discussion of every LSAT problem ever published, and often includes great insight from ManhattanLSAT instructors. LSAT Hacks is the website for Graeme Blake, a very talented Canadian LSAT instructor who also leads the Reddit LSAT forum community.


Student Forums

Of course, Lsatters is our favorite LSAT student forum, but here are a few others that offer great information and conversation.

1. Top-law-schools
2. Reddit LSAT
3. Lawstudents Canada
4. The 7Sage forum
5. The Manhattan LSAT forum
6. The Powerscore forum

Top-law-schools is the most established of all LSAT forums. Reddit LSAT has a quickly burgeoning prep community, and is a forum for those who are interested in attending law school in Canada. Additionally, three prep companies—7Sage, ManhattanLSAT, and Powerscore, have very active forums that serve their students well and also provide valuable information to the prep community at large.


Prep Company Websites

Many prep companies offer free resources beyond solutions and forums, including instructional posts and resources such as free study schedules and virtual proctors. Here’s a list of the best ones.

1. 7Sage
2. Manhattan LSAT
3. The LSAT Blog
4. Blueprint
5. The LSAT Trainer

The 7Sage site offers a free timing app, virtual proctor, and scantron sheets, along with many other innovative resources. Among Manhattan’s free resources are a Logic Games Challenge, and a free weekly event hosted by expert LSAT instructor (and all around great guy) Brian Birdwell. The LSAT Blog is run by our very own Steve Schwartz; it was one of the first high quality LSAT sites on the net, and it’s still one of the best. Blueprint requires a sign-up, but after that they offer tools such as free score analyzers and an advanced section timer. The LSAT Trainer website offers free study schedules, notebook organizers, question breakdowns, and instructional posts. I am the author of the Trainer.


Other Essentials

Finally, here are two more law school related resources that most anyone who has read this far is most certain to be interested in.

1. Law School Numbers
2. Spivey Consulting blog

Law School Numbers is a site that provides statistics on admission rates for various schools. It offers the ability to search its database based on G.P.A. and LSAT score. Mike Spivey is quickly developing a reputation as the go-to person for law school admissions wisdom, and he regularly offers great tips and insight on his blog.


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